Gas Taxes: 10 States With The Highest — and Lowest — Ones

gas prices
gas prices
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With the state of the world now, gas prices have become the hottest issue. This is also where gas taxes start to play an even more important role, especially when the prices have reached a staggering new high. As a result, most of us have become more careful and more informed about how gas stations get these prices!

We have looked at the data that has been gathered about gas prices over the years and decided to share it, so you can also get a clearer view of how much of the price you pay for gas is actually due to taxes.

Taxes have always been a polarizing subject and while a lot of people blame them for the way prices go up, it is not the sole culprit (inflation is a clear contender).

Find out which states have the lowest and highest taxes on gas, and let us know if you happen to be one of the happy (or sad ones, depending on the case) that lives in one of the states! Just keep in mind: having low taxes doesn’t necessarily mean low gas prices.

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