6 Ikea Products You Shouldn’t Skip On

ikea products
ikea products
Image By Aleksandr Kondratov From Shutterstock

Neddragen Cooktop

Did you know that Ikea also carries appliances? If not, we’re here to let you know they’re an option, as sometimes they get lost in between all of the Ikea products everyone raves about! Out of all the appliances that are offered by Ikea, this cooktop is one of the best ones, and everyone who has written reviews about it has nothing but good things to say!

It’s a four-burner and made out of glass-ceramic, which creates a surface that is guaranteed to consistently cook well, and it has the added benefit that it comes with a five-year warranty! To make things even better, it also offers straightforward installation and all of this for an amazing price point!

Bekväm Spice Rack

This spice rack is just one of the Ikea products on our list that are so versatile, you can use them in a ton of different ways! Not only is it an affordable and aesthetic spice rack that you can use for its intended purpose, but you can always take inspiration from the internet and repurpose this wooden rack in a ton of different ways!

Not only have people turned it into a bookshelf, but some have gone as far as to make it into a jewelry hanger! Of course, it has multiple uses in a bathroom, as some have made it into a toiletry holder. And we’re sure there’s even more out there! Be it that you are in need of a shelf to organize and tidy up your spice collection or a new shelf for anything else, Ikea has your back!

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