6 Ikea Products You Shouldn’t Skip On

ikea products
ikea products
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Stockholm Rug

If you’re looking for a wool rug, look no further! This Ikea product comes very close to one and it will definitely satisfy that itch. After all, wool rugs are notorious for being really expensive. And this flat-woven centerpiece from Ikea’s rug collection starts at just $200 for a 5 ft. 7in. by 7 ft. 10in. sized one!

And we know you’re skeptical about the quality since the price is so low, but believe us, it’s not something to disregard as a cheap thing. Product testing sites claim it’s way softer than other rugs in the same price category. And with the way in which the black and white striped variation has slowly become a design classic, you should definitely give this Ikea product a chance if you’re looking for a new rug!

Iconic Ikea Product: Billy Bookcase

If we had to name one best-selling Ikea product that has captivated everyone, it would definitely be the Billy Bookcase. It made its first appearance in 1978 and has sold 120 million units since then! It was such a hot commodity, and everyone wanted one that Bloomberg made a financial index after it, using it to see what the purchasing power was in different countries—just from one simple bookcase!

In 2022, the bookcase got a makeover, but don’t worry. It’s still the same amazing product, just that now it’s made with more sustainable materials and it comes in different colors so you can choose the best one for you. Not to mention, they changed the back panel, making it easier to assemble and disassemble, which now puts the Billy bookcase up there in terms of being easy to move. Now you can be sure it’s going to last you a lifetime!

Everyone who has one raves about how roomy and inexpensive it is, not to mention sturdy! It helps that Ikea made sure it comes in different sizes and even added glass panels and doors to some versions!

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