6 Dollar Store Finds You Shouldn’t Skip

dollar store
dollar store
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Storage Containers

Did the Marie Kondo craze hit you too? Because it happens to the best of us. Not to mention, it’s always good to have your house organized and proper since it saves all of us the stress of not knowing where things are when we need them the most. The dollar store is amazing for this as they not only have a great assortment of storage boxes, but they are all affordable!

There’s no need to spend more than you want on one container when you can spend the same amount on several at your local dollar store! Moreover, depending on where and what you want to store, you can even find under-the-bed solutions! Be it that you want to store clothes for the next season or make sure your closet’s organized, the dollar store has your back with a ton of sizes of containers!

Dollar store DEAL! Candy

The biggest deal the dollar store has to offer is their candy aisle! Whether we’re talking about hard candies, chocolate, or even regular snacks, they have a wide variety of big brand names that are always stocked and ready for you to buy! The movie-style boxed candy or even the tiny portions that are great to pack in the kids’ lunches are a bargain at any dollar store!

The variety is generally pretty good, and you can stack up on them whenever you stop by, not to mention that you can definitely count on the fact that so many people purchase them that they cannot ever be out of date (whoever says that is just a hater).

And when Halloween comes knocking, make the dollar store the first stop on your list for trick-or-treat candy! You won’t find a better offer on the market when it comes to seasonal treats, and, every parent’s dream, they come individually packed in small portions! The risk of germs is minimal!

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