6 Dollar Store Finds You Shouldn’t Skip

dollar store
dollar store
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Picture Frames

Despite living in the era of technology, there’s something special about getting pictures framed and having them around your living space. However, frames can end up racking up a pretty big price, and if you’re a picture enthusiast like we are, you will end up having to spend quite a lot on fancy frames.

Yet, if you already have some, believe us when we say that they won’t die if you sprinkle a few dollar store frames in between them. After all, as long as they fit in with the aesthetic or create contrast, basically, no one will be able to tell you got them from the dollar store (if you are worried about that).

So, do yourself a favor, and the next time you visit the store, go by the frame section; we’re sure you will find something you like!


When it comes to most decorations, there is not one store that can beat the bargains that you can find at the dollar store. They have an amazing variety of styles and a lot of pretty vases that are bound to make your dining table look exquisite the next time you are hosting a dinner party!

Moreover, you can skip the florist yourself. Test your creativity and make your own arrangements. You can spend the extra dollars you save on vases on the gorgeous flowers that will turn your house into a home! And you can always give them as gifts to close family members and friends. Believe us, no one will end up complaining about where you got them from!

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