6 Dollar Store Finds You Shouldn’t Skip

dollar store

dollar store
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Travel-sized toiletries

Besides their obvious usage, for when you’re going on a trip, these tiny toiletries are perfect to just have around in your car or in your purse for emergencies. You never know when you may need extra deodorant, soap, or even mouthwash or toothpaste, and it’s great to have them around.

We know that everyone warns against getting any sort of full-sized toiletry item from the dollar store, but for these ones, there’s truly nothing to lose (except money in other stores!). Get the brands that you are familiar with before you leave for a trip or when you decide to throw them in your bag, and you will definitely use them up pretty fast, so there’s no risk there. After all, they are travel-sized!

Greeting Cards

Have you ever been in a bind and needed to send a greeting card? It happens to more people than you could imagine! Not to mention that when you really need to send one, it seems like all of them are so overpriced that you wouldn’t even want to consider getting one. And online, despite getting a true bargain, you generally have to get about a dozen more than you need for the said occasion (unless you send Christmas cards to the whole extended family).

This is where the dollar store comes in to help you! Not only will you not have to drop $5 on each card you want to send, as they’re generally around $1 or even less, but they truly have a great variety. Moreover, they are available all year, and you can just pop in the store, grab the funny card you want to send for Aunt Jackie’s 80th birthday, and call it a day!

It may seem small, but believe us, you’re going to want to remember this one!

While we’re talking about the Dollar store, make sure you AVOID getting these items from them (believe us you’re better off without them)!

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