10 Worst Products You Could Get From Aldi

aldi products
aldi products
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Aldi managed to become one of the most-respected grocery chains in America. According to the latest ranking of grocery stores, Consumer Reports awarded Aldi with no less than 84 of 100 points for overall satisfaction. So, it’s obvious that many of their products are well-appreciated.

Well, we should congratulate Aldi, as it managed to get behind some of the nation’s most beloved groceries. In comparison, Trader Joe’s earned 87 and Costco 86. Though competition! However, just like any other retailer, there are strengths and weaknesses altogether.

For example, everyone should know by now that you should never buy a laptop from Walmart, or meat and seafood from Trader Joe’s. However, the current “no frills” policy of Aldi managed to earn the perfect CR score of 5 out of 5 for competitive prices.

CR also takes into consideration the chain’s store cleanliness policies, where Aldi earned a 4 out of 5. But with all the glitter, Aldi seems to suffer in other areas, according to consumer watchdogs and reporters’ experiences. Here are the worst products you could get from Aldi:

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