10 Worst Products You Could Get From Aldi

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tomato soup products
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Condensed tomato soup

Truth to be told, the Johnston family definitely loves a good bargain (so do we), but we know for sure that they are able to draw the line when it’s necessary. The same goes for tomato soup. Aldi’s Chef’s Cupboard Condensed Tomato Soup doesn’t compare not even one bit with Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup, as they say.

However, all four family members seem to prefer Campbell’s, because they find it richer, smoother, and…most importantly, creamier. As Joshua Johnston claimed on Aldi Reviewer: “If you want cheap, Aldi is the proper place to go. However, in this instance, if the quality is what you care for, then we think name brand is the right way to go.

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