5 Dollar Store Items Way too Expensive for Seniors’ Wallets

Dollar Store
Dollar Store
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1. Name-brand cereal

Oh, what a beautiful morning! And you feel a little hungry too. It’s probably time for breakfast. But unfortunately, you are out of cereal. If you are craving some Lucky Charms, you can buy a 3.1-ounce bag from Dollar Tree for $1.25. So, if you only want a small bag immediately, this is a good deal. But if you want a larger bag that can last longer, we advise you to choose Walmart. From there, you can purchase a 29.1-ounce box for $5.98.

If you were to buy a pack of six bags of cereal from Dollar Tree, you would spend $7.50. Besides this, the quantity you get will be smaller. So, if you want to stock up on cereal, always choose Walmart instead of Dollar Tree. It is a much better deal.

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2 thoughts on “5 Dollar Store Items Way too Expensive for Seniors’ Wallets”

  1. In many examples this is the case. Understand your monthly budget, your need for the month in quantity of the product and then weigh the costs of each of the local stores. You’ll be surprised how many times big box stores win the price competition. However, I see the same faces at ALL of these stores so go figure! Dollar stores still hold their place in the shopping game. Play the game wisely and you will WIN! Happy shopping, RW, Florida.

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