5 Dollar Store Items Way too Expensive for Seniors’ Wallets

Dollar Store
Dollar Store
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2. Batteries

Your remote is suddenly not working. What a strange occurrence! But immediately, you remember that you changed the batteries two years ago. Now it all makes sense. It is time to buy some new ones. The AC remote is also not working properly. You may need more batteries than you thought at first.

It is a little late, and you don’t want to venture far away from home. Also, your favorite TV show is about to begin. Considering all of this, you decide to go to the Dollar Tree. It is closer to your home than any other store.
But powering up at any dollar store might not be such a good idea. If you decide to buy the items online from the Dollar Tree official website, you should know that you need to buy them in bulk.

Now, Dollar Tree is selling a pack of 72 AA Panasonic batteries for $90.00. If you go to Target, you can find a 48-pack of batteries for the store’s brand for only $13.99. And if you want to buy more, choose a two-pack with 96 batteries. You will need to take out $27.98 from your wallet. This is a good price.

If you want to get some food for your furry friend, never buy it from dollar stores. See why on the next page!

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2 thoughts on “5 Dollar Store Items Way too Expensive for Seniors’ Wallets”

  1. In many examples this is the case. Understand your monthly budget, your need for the month in quantity of the product and then weigh the costs of each of the local stores. You’ll be surprised how many times big box stores win the price competition. However, I see the same faces at ALL of these stores so go figure! Dollar stores still hold their place in the shopping game. Play the game wisely and you will WIN! Happy shopping, RW, Florida.

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