5 Dollar Store Items Way too Expensive for Seniors’ Wallets

Dollar Store
dollar store
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Most people choose to go grocery shopping at dollar stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, or Dollar General because they are usually the cheapest option. It’s in their name; everybody expects to buy what they need from them at affordable prices.

But this is not always the case, and sometimes you might be surprised when you go to one of these stores and find out that the prices are so much higher than you expected. The “dollar” is just for the name. If we look at the price tags, we will notice that at Dollar Tree, for example, the prices are $1.25+, and at Dollar Tree Plus, the items are even more expensive, sometimes selling for $5 each.

Now, with the rise of inflation, the items sold in dollar stores are more expensive than those that are sold at Walmart or Target. Read on to find out which items are more expensive at dollar stores.

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