6 Amazing Benefits of Thrift Shopping

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#5 You can cultivate a unique personal style!

There’s something about how marketing works in our society that tries to make us all follow certain trends, and we all fall prey to it from time to time. Yet, as we all grow old, we realize that not only is it not sustainable to change a whole wardrobe every time the trend changes, but that a certain new fad might not be up our alley. Here’s where thrift shops come into play!

Not only will you be able to find a ton of unique pieces, but you will also be shown a lot of different styles that you may not see otherwise, or even old pieces from back when you were young that you loved and fast fashion has yet to embrace. Not only will there be anything from old Harry Tweed suits that are amazing for so many occasions, but you will be able to find high fashion pieces for affordable prices. You can build the closet of your dreams and have your own style that can enchant others!

#6 Get an insight into the market!

Going shopping at thrift stores may actually show you how fluctuating the market and the prices really are. We may believe that we understand the market, but when you consider the staggering difference between a new and used item, you gradually realize that they are more arbitrary than you believe. Not to mention that the big designer labels and well-known brand names carry way more weight when it comes to pricing than most think.

So, what makes the same pair of jeans be almost $100 new but barely worn, with no structural problems, end up being not even $10? There’s no definitive answer to that, but it does show everyone who shops in thrift stores that the value is truly in the eye of the customer: they wouldn’t sell jeans for that much if people wouldn’t be buying them.

This can show you that the perception of value is fluctuating, and it can also help you make better buying decisions.

If you’re interested in thrifting read more about the items you should definitely buy when you’re at a thrift store next time!

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