6 Money Saving Tricks for Amazon Shoppers

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#3 Trick the system and shop the major sale events

It may not seem like you are using any tricks with this one, but believe us when we tell you, you should not be shopping for anything major or high-value on Amazon unless you’re in a pinch. These major sale events are the best way to save on products with a high retail value because, even if they do not receive the largest discounts, their prices will be lower than they would be otherwise.

Besides Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, which are well-known sales events across the board, you should make sure you don’t miss out on Prime Day. This is Amazon’s biggest sale day that is organized outside the classic discount events! So you should keep an eye out for them, as most brands featured on their side offer at least 10 percent discounts on these dates!

#4 Make the best out of their trading program

The oldest trick in the book is not only to look at the perks that will save you money or even add them back to your account but also to look at other ways to save money (even if that includes trading or bartering). When it comes to Amazon, the best way to make sure you’re getting the best price for something is to make the most out of their trading program by exchanging old items you are not using anymore.

You can trade almost anything in order to earn Amazon credits, which in turn will be useful when you pay for an item. This includes old phones, tablets, and electronics, all the way to books and even video games! And you can use the credits to pay for any Amazon product, no matter what type of deal they’re part of. There’s no easier trick than this one!

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