8 Cars You’ll Get At a Bargain in 2023

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Chevrolet Spark

Well, this model is not a sedan, but not a crossover either. Chevrolet Spark was the brand’s smallest and least expensive car. Even if it’s equipped with standard Apple AAPL, 2.27% CarPlay, and, on top of that, Android Auto, very easy on gas, the Spark was considered to be rather underpowered, under-equipped in its base form, and only offered a couple of driver assistance features with the top trim level.

Infiniti Q60

The Infiniti Q60 has so many reasons to be canceled, it is actually a miracle it managed to get so far. As a coupe, it is even more out of favor with the mainstream market than any sedan would ever be, and even more as a luxury-sports coupe. The fact that Q60 was simply gorgeous, fun to drive, and well-equipped, is not really the point. Apparently, if it doesn’t ride fast and looks chunky, Americans don’t need it.

Hyundai Accent

As it became fashionable to cancel many cars this year, the 2022 Hyundai Accent will be the “last man standing”, so to speak. No matter how affordable, fuel-efficient, spacious, and packed with easy-to-use tech it might be, it’s going down.

The Accent’s primary shortcomings were once seen as its assets. But in a market where bigger is always more appreciated, for obvious reasons, smaller is worse. That’s why the Accent’s small footprint was matched to the one of a small truck and underwhelming power.

Buick Encore

I know what you’re thinking…Buick Encore is a crossover! So, if crossovers are SO popular, why would they cancel this model? One of the reasons might be that it’s too small. Apparently, Encore GX, which has proven to be a bit larger, and newer has proved to be much more popular than the Encore, which was, so far, Buick’s smallest vehicle.

Descendant of the Chevrolet Trax, the Encore’s look and feel gave the impression of a premium, but not quite. It seems that fans aren’t really impressed with “not quite”.

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