8 Cars You’ll Get At a Bargain in 2023

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8 Cars You Could Get at a Better Price in 2023

Even when the times are great, there always has been a turnover in vehicle models year after year. New cars arrive on the scene, meant to replace the old ones that are almost reaching their retirement age.

The wild years of the 2020s haven’t been good for this kind of change, especially for sedans. Well, not it’s settled: Sedans are dying off and they’re being replaced by SUVs and crossovers. While the preference for SUVs has increased in the past decade, this year seems to mark the end of some of the most remarkable sedan nameplates.

However, not ALL sedans are dying, and not ALL the cars that are going out of style are sedans. It might be a sedan or a crossover, but as long as the model suits your own taste, this could be the proper time to find a bargain. Here’s a list you should consider:

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