8 Leftover Foods You Always Throw Away But Shouldn’t

Organic leftover foods
Photo by Anisimov Dmytro from Shutterstock

Leftover Foods: Stale Bread

There’s no denying that a freshly toasted bread slice can make your mornings better. Unfortunately, you only have a couple of days to enjoy that soft texture. If not stored correctly, bread loses moisture and starts drying out.

This is when most people fear it’s no longer fit for use and toss it off. While we’re not suggesting you eat moldy bread, you can use stale bread in so many different ways.

From egg on toast, savory bread pudding to French toast, you can use aged bread in so many ways. Not to mention, you can make croutons and add on to pastas and soups. And of course, you can always turn them into breadcrumbs.

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