7 Best Kirkland Signature Products That Are Better Than the Original Brands

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If you’ve always thought that store brands aren’t as excellent as national brands, Costco is here to change your mind. The wholesale company takes advantage of its huge market forcing suppliers to provide value and quality to its proprietary brand Kirkland Signature offerings. Kirkland product lines, which first appeared in stores in 1995, are said to generate more than a quarter of the warehouse giant’s annual sales.

Costco has continually enlarged its Kirkland Signature line which now has more than 350 individual products, from maple syrup and bacon to motor oil and batteries. Signature items are often found in the same section as national brand products, with the Kirkland products costing 20% less.

Those who’ve got a Costco membership are sitting on a goldmine, at least in terms of their budget. And here’s the thing: sometimes, Kirkland Signature merchandise beats the brand name original, making the more affordable Kirkland product the obvious option. Can you guess some of those items?

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