Best Halloween Candy Deals in 2022

halloween candy
halloween candy
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Sam’s Club

You probably already know that Sam’s Club specializes in bulk shopping, which is why they make an amazing choice when it comes to going to get your stocks of Halloween candy. The big-box store should be your best go-to choice when it comes to giving out full-size candy bars: not only will the kids love your house, but you can also get the best deals at Sam’s Club for those.

Do not get discouraged if the ones you want to get appear as sold out on the website; there’s a big chance that they are so when it comes to deliveries. Go to the store in person, and you may be surprised at what you will find, or you can change your approach: they may not be available for delivery, but you could go pick them up in person after ordering online.

Otherwise, when it comes to other types of candies, we recommend you keep an eye out for the Variety Pack (the one with the M&M’s and Mars Candy Minis), which will get you about 450 pieces of candy for just $20.48, or go another route and get the 100 pops pack of Chams Blow Pops for $10.12!

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