These 6 Mobile Apps Will Help You Live Frugally!

mobile apps to live frugally
mobile apps to live frugally
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2. Ibotta

Whether you want to shop at grocery stores or bigger general retailers like Lowe’s or Walmart, it doesn’t matter because Ibotta is there to help you. It’s simple to use both before and after buying, but you’ll save more money if you check the deals beforehand.

The app is easy to use and is definitely one of the best mobile apps to live frugally. You just enter it in the app menu, choose the store you would like to shop at, and if you are looking for a specific product, you can search for it in the search bar. Easy!

Always remember to scan your receipt. For this, you will need a physical printout! The app does this in order to see what the best deals are for you in the future.

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