Costco’s Black Friday Sales in 2022

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Godiva Assorted Chocolates

Let’s be honest, nothing says “I love you” better than a decadent box of chocolates, and these chocolates are really the best thing when it comes to love. Just think about that rich ganache, velvety caramel, tasty praline, and sinfully dark chocolate, with creamy white chocolate, and many other things! And now you can enjoy this 11.3-ounce box at $5.20 off, so go ahead and get as many as you can! The deal is still available online and in stores.

GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker with 1 Gallon XL Side Tank

If you enjoy a cocktail now and then (every Friday night is automatically included), then you really understand the true meaning of having enough ice. It’s important. So grab this ice maker that you can find online for $70 off, and you will never have to worry about ice ever again. It has a clever side tank of water, so no wonder that this handy nugget ice maker makes over 24 pounds of ice a day, with the first batch ready in only 20 minutes! And don’t worry about the size, as it will definitely fit on your kitchen countertop!

David’s Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways

These cookies are simply God-made, so you should definitely have a look! They returned to Black Friday deals this year too (yay!), so yes, you can buy these festively red tins packed cookies with delicious butter pecan inside. I know you’re drooling, as a matter of fact, I know I AM, but these cookies are made with big pecan chunks and swathed in a tasty ton of powdered sugar. I can’t say no to anything that’s swathed in powdered sugar! Enjoy $2.50 off each box by getting them online or in stores!

Cuisinart 13-Cup Food Processor

This particular food processor simply amazes me for its price ($50 off), but also for its utility. It can easily chop, slice, shred, knead, blend, and even puree as much as you decide. Even more, this handy kitchen multi-tasked has a 13-cup mega bowl and a smaller 4.5-cup bowl included.

Ghirardelli Squares Peppermint Bark Collection

Chocolate sounds great, but peppermint bark simply screams “holiday treat”. You can easily save $3.50 per 20.99-ounce bag of amazing dark chocolate peppermint and milk chocolate peppermint Ghirardelli squares online, but also in stores (there’s no limit). Also, you can find it online in a 2-pack for $7 off.

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