11 Thrift Stores Finds That Will Make Your House Look Expensive

thrift stores finds

Thrift stores are a fascinating selling place where it is possible to find the cheapest items for all sorts of exclusive vintage clothes. It is very unpredictable what you will find when you pay a visit to any of these establishments.

The great thing is that you don’t need to be too picky because there are things for all tastes. You might be surprised at what you can find hiding inside a box. Here are some things that you should regularly buy from thrift stores.


Without a doubt, jeans are the most profitable in any thrift store. High-quality old jeans cost $8 – $10 each. While this may seem a bit high for a pair of denim, consider this: the median retail price for women’s jeans I usually over $50.

Plus, you will never find a rubbish pair of jeans in the thrift store. There are many high-quality clothes in thrift stores, and if you know what to look for, you can find unique items.


Tools are valuable items that you can in thrift stores, and they are also something that people usually buy for a high price at the store. Since most donated items at thrift shops are old. But it is easy to find second-hand tools that have been carefully crafted and tested by professionals for many years.

Look for genuine American-made materials. And don’t let a little rust on the surface discourage you. With minimal repair, most old tools can be used for one or two more generations.

Bags, Pallets, and Baskets

Of course, you can buy several products online to organize your home. But why not pay a bargain if you can? Duffel bags should always be on your shopping list. They are great for storing things in the trunk of your car, packing for overnight trips, and shopping at garages and flea markets. Pallets and baskets are other go-to storage items.

Trays are perfect for displaying colognes, organizing TV remotes, or storing craft supplies. Use the basket to store pet supplies, winter gear, and bath towels.

Christmas decorations

When you pay less for Christmas decorations, you will have more money to spend on gifts. If you start buying Christmas decorations at thrift shops, you will collect many handmade items for low prices.

In fact, Christmas tree ornaments can be purchased from thrift stores for as low as 50 cents each. Likewise, thrift shops sell artificial trees, tree skirts, flower crowns, and wrapping paper which comes in handy for presents. This is a good idea in all seasons of the year.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Thrift Store offers unlimited options for artists and craftsmen. In addition to old paintable canvases, you can access old photos, wallpaper samples, fabrics, thread, ceramics, and silverware.

With a bit of inspiration, almost everything in the thrift store can be reinvented and repurposed. And because raw materials are so cheap, you can unleash your creative spirit.


If you haven’t done it before, then you need to start buying all your dishes in thrift stores. Of course, strictly speaking, nothing rarely matches, but this is part of the fun. If you have a creative side, you can do lots of things with your tableware.

Just let your creativity take over and buy interesting works that fit your color palette of choice. Even if every plate, bowl, and cup is different, they will all work together if the colors match.


Even though people don’t usually know that perfumes can be bought at thrift shops, you will find an extensive collection of incredible fragrances. It is not unusual to find a bottle of Dior mixed with Antonio Banderas! That’s the beauty of thrift shops.

Plus, this happens more often than you might think. Most department stores donate their perfume testers. So, make sure to look in every box. But you know what the best part is? Many second-hand stores are unfamiliar with high-end perfume brands. Therefore, the bottles sell for a bargain.

Unique Items

You should always look for a strange and fantastic item. These one-of-a-kind items will make your home one of a kind. Plus, all can be found in thrift stores. As a rule, thrift shops are heaven to find weird things that you can either collect or sell to vintage collectors.

If you know about this exciting world, you should already know that you can find gems hidden in a thrift shop. Without even knowing, you might be holding a jacket that costs thousands of dollars. When you see something you like, buy it.

Vases, Bottles, and Candlesticks

Every time you go to thrift stores, there are many beautiful vases, jars, and bottles to pick from. If you like an eclectic look, you can easily find what you want in these shops. Pick among the items available to decorate your tables and shelves with vintage and unique decorations. Just don’t go too far.

Otherwise, it might look messy. One of the best things to buy is chandeliers. Without hesitation, put the money in it and enjoy.

Dome Clock

The dome clock or anniversary clock is one of the clients’ favorites. You can remove the internal structure and place seasonal decorations inside to create a bell-shaped appearance. You can get creative with these glass containers.

Since this is a new approach to decorating, just run wild! These clocks are everywhere in thrift shops. Since some of them can be broken, people just buy them for the sake of decoration. Nevertheless, if you want to fix it, you can do so, but that can be more expensive than the watch itself.

Wooden furniture

Dressing tables are a great find in a thrift store. With just a little sanding, quick painting, and some hardware replacement, you can create tremendous wooden furniture in a matter of hours.

Before buying furniture, make sure to test first if the drawer is broken or the table is warped or balanced. Things like these are easily fixed to avoid purchasing furniture with these issues.

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