10 Little Bad Habits Around the House That Cost Big Money

House made of money
Bad habits that cost big - freezer
Photo by Ahanov Michael From Shutterstock

Bad habits: Irregular filling of your freezer or fridge

Overfilling or sub-optimal filling of your refrigerator will make it less efficient. Your fridge is most efficient when it is three-quarters full. When you cram the freezer, the items in the refrigerator will block the air vent and prevent normal air circulation inside the freezer. You may wonder how sub-optimal filling could cause a problem too.

When your freezer doesn’t contain the required item size, the fridge uses more energy to keep everything cool, and this would make your electricity bill skyrocket. Thus, you can save some dollars by using your freezer as instructed. You may tie water inside a polythene bag to take up space instead of sub-optimal filling.

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