The 6 Best Money-Saving Deals for the End of Summer

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5. Air conditioners

Phew! August has a bit of a reputation for being one of the hotter months of the year, so it stands to reason that a lot of people are looking to cool off. And what better way to do that at home other than by buying an air conditioner? Apart from grills, gardening tools and patio furniture, a lot of retailers offer up to 50% discounts on portable air conditioners or personal air coolers.

Great news, right? Especially if you’ve already seen one before that got your attention but it was a little bit too expensive for your budget at that time.
Don’t forget to check if that store allows you to use coupons. That might get you an extra discount too!

6. Summer clothing

To tell you the truth, my favorite part about summer sales is when all those amazing fashion items go on clearance. And August offers some awesome money-saving deals for a plethora of items. Prepare yourself for offers like 20% discounts, mostly on eBay, and up to 50% or even 75% in stores like Walmart or Costco.

I remember buying an awesome dress a couple years ago with a 60% discount off its initial price. What a great deal! Did you happen to like a bathing suit that was around $200 at the beginning of summer? Check it out because the retailer might have lowered its price. Give yourself a nice gift!

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