3 Cheapest Healthcare Insurances for Seniors This Year

cheap healthcare insurance
cheap healthcare insurance
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3. Short-term health insurance

If you are not looking for a long-term commitment and you want to make sure you do have health insurance, a good idea to be able to save some more money is to look into short-term health insurance.

It is an attractive and low-cost option for a lot of people, especially since a lot of them are sold for a period of 1 year, and then you can choose to renew them for up to 36 months. And then you will be covered for the period in which you have this coverage available.

Make sure to research whether or not your state allows these types of insurance and what the restrictions are before committing to a short-term plan.

While it is a cheap healthcare insurance option, you need to read the terms and conditions very carefully, as most companies that offer them will have a cap on the benefits they offer. This may mean that if you end up being really ill, they may stop paying after a certain amount is reached.

Likewise, some short-term health insurance does not cover essential healthcare benefits or prescriptions. And if you already have a medical condition, you may not be eligible for one at all.

If you already have a form of healthcare insurance and you still feel like you are paying a bit too much on medical expenses, make sure you read our article on what you can do to lower those costs here!

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