6 Items to Buy to Save Money in the Long Run

save money in the long run
long spoon
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2. Small spatula

Another item that will help you save money in the long run is a small spatula. Every time I grab mine and use it to clean out an “empty” jar, I’m surprised at how much food is actually still left inside. Without this life-changing tool, I would be throwing away the remaining content, as I have done multiple times in the past.

Mayonnaise and peanut butter containers always have at least a few tablespoonfuls stuck along the side. And even tomato paste cans and pasta sauce jars have a surprising amount that can be scraped out.

After all, you paid for that food, and it would be a waste of money to just throw it in the trash. Any amount spent on a small spatula will quickly be redeemed by the amount of food left inside that you save!

If you’re looking to buy one, Amazon has plenty of options!

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