4 Free Apps to Effortlessly Learn a New Language

Free App
Free App
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Looking to learn a new language? How ’bout a free app to help you along the way?

Based on research from the US Census Bureau performed a few years ago, over 67 million people in our country speak another language other than English in their homes. If that inspires you to learn a new language, the good news is that it’s never been easier!

Gone are the days when you sat in a class to try to master Spanish, French, or German. Nowadays, you can use a free app and have your pick from a litter of languages.

And the best part is that your wallet doesn’t have to suffer because you want to try learning a new language. We found many free apps that will guide you through comprehending a language from beginning to end or help you hone language skills you might already have.

Learning a new vocabulary with an app is valuable because you’ll always have those talents at your fingertips. Even a few minutes of waiting for an appointment gives you time to finalize a lesson.

Whether you want to be able to order a meal on your next vacation or communicate with a new friend in their language, these 4 free apps are a great way to make that happen!

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