7 Foods You Should Buy to Save More on Groceries

Photo by Irina Rostokina from Shutterstock


Oats are a reasonably versatile food of the low-budget groceries club. When you say oats, you most probably think of oatmeal, one of the most common, healthy and favorite meals for breakfast. You just have to mix it with some frozen berries or canned fruit and that’s it! You have a warm, filling breakfast.

But oats are not just for breakfast. You can have them as a filler for meatballs, meatloaf, salmon patties, and any other dish that calls for ground beef. They also go well with granola and cookies.

Oatmeal is often pretty inexpensive, costing around $2 per pound.

According to one study, oats are high in fibers and possess health benefits such as anticancerous properties.

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