6 Things You Should Avoid Buying From Walmart

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Have you ever wondered if you should avoid some products when you’re going to do your weekly groceries? Well, it turns out that if your go-to place is Walmart, there are some things you should be steering clear of. What we mean by it is that you shouldn’t just buy from them just because it’s convenient, but also look at other options, so you don’t end up throwing money out the window.

We all like to do the convenient thing and just buy everything we need in one place, but sometimes it’s not really the best option out there and we shouldn’t be relying on just convenience.

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11 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Avoid Buying From Walmart”

  1. I disagree with your assessment on the produce. Celery bought at Tops Market is always bitter, wind up tossing it. Celery at Walmart has always been great! Lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, blueberries, tomatoes etc. are usually much cheaper and the quality is great!

  2. Nevermind- it seemed to work after I left a comment 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I do most of my shopping at Aldi! They generally have the best prices!

  3. Go to another named brand grocery store and you’re paying quite a bit more for the same products. I wonder if they’ll drop their prices when the economy gets back to normal, hahaha

  4. I totally disagree with the article. WalMart in our area has much better prices than Giant or Publix…and we have never been disappointed with their produce and buy it regularly.

  5. After limiting my exposure to people during the Covid pandemic, I’m continuing my shopping at Kroger, Publix (for sale items), and Amazon.

  6. I can’t believe they left off bread & bakery items. The vendors for the Walmart I worked at routinely stocked the shelves with bakery items that had 3 days or less until expiration because Walmart insisted on getting the lowest prices.
    BUT the absolute worst item at Walmart is shoes. Look at the shoes worn by employees. They aren’t from Walmart. The employee discount doesn’t entice them to buy that garbage.
    The fact is, you are taking a chance of getting bad merchandise no matter what because they buy items that fail other companies’ quality control and knowingly put defective merchandise on the sales floor because, as I was told, “It’s up to the customer to find defects”.

  7. I have seen where Walmart has brussel sprouts which were actually products of the USA so I was just thrilled. I also agree with Phyl. I’ve never gotten bitter celery at WM but have at many other stores.
    I have been in Walmart when everything in the produce dept looks great, the next time I’m there a month later I just have to walk by it.
    Here in TX HEB is the most amazing grocer. They have beautiful produce……most of the time ……. but there here have been a few times when I couldn’t believe they even had the items out for sale. I’m talking several vegetables so I was very disappointed but I wouldn’t dis them. If a business makes me happy 90% of the time, I’ll give them a good review. Maybe trucks were held up in traffic, broke down, whatever. I’m good.

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