Being Frugal Won’t Stop You From Buying These 9 Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures
guilty pleasure
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Real maple syrup

Real, Grade- A syrup is a bit more expensive than some wines, but it’s still a well-deserved guilty pleasure. However, unlike Log Cabin, Butterworth, and various other brands that peddle caramel-colored corn-based goop, syrup that comes from Canada and Vermont is actually made from maple syrup.

You know, the kind that only comes from trees. However, if you really want to compromise, you can swap out the real stuff with agave syrup.

YASSO Frozen Greek Yogurt

The way some frugal readers described these delicious frozen guilty pleasures as “stupidly good” and a “dopamine hit” convinced me right away. I know, I know, you’d think they have some sort of yogurt problem, but no.

They are right. This vanilla froyo bar dipped in chocolate crunch is something else. If you’re having a bad night, you’ll just eat the entire box right away.


Out of all the irresistible and expensive guilty pleasures these companies dangle right in front of our faces, you’d probably think that we can keep nuts off the list. Well, we can’t.

In fact, we asked our frugal readers what they thought of them, and they put the nuts on top of the list. They even mentioned how easy it is for them to be frugal with anything else on their weekly grocery shopping list, except for the $8 bag of cashews they just can’t resist.


Because of a protein called casein, various types of cheese have opiate-like compounds that go to the same brain receptors as her*in does. There’s nothing to worry about, though; it’s just that we officially found the reason why cheese is so addictive.

In fact, according to our frugal readers, they’d genuinely pay as much as needed on any type of cheese, from feta, goat cheese, Gruyère, and mountains of cheddar. Well, so would I, because cheese is definitely among my guilty pleasures.

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