Being Frugal Won’t Stop You From Buying These 9 Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures
guilty pleasures
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High-quality butter

Good butter has the same effect on our readers. In fact, you should never underestimate the power and force of a good high-cream butter, especially if it has seasonings included. Some of the most famous and high-quality brands that frugal readers mentioned are Kerrygold and Lurpak.

So yes, ma’am, please include the best butter on the market on the list of guilty pleasures we simply won’t quit.

Ethiopian and Thai takeout

Let’s look at it from a purely fiscal perspective: takeout is, generally, a bad idea. However, that’s no way to live, my dear, especially if you want to be frugal AND happy at the same time.

So indulge in your guilty pleasures once in a while and order that Thai takeout. If you want to feel less guilty about it, you’re not the only one. I don’t know who would actually have the strength to say no to Thai takeout.

Fresh fruit

When it’s time for the raspberry season and we see those beautifully colored morsels piled up in the fruit aisle or in cute green baskets, it’s not that difficult to ignore the price tag.

So yes, if we have to pay $6 for a handful of fresh raspberries that are as tasty as it gets, healthy, and have everything nice and good in this world, I will pay for it.

Fresh, in-season fruit is too good to ignore, and we should definitely indulge in guilty pleasures that are also healthy.


Bodybuilders and scramble lovers should be happy to find out that the worst egg inflation we’ve ever seen is officially over.

However, when the breakfast staple hit its worst peak in January 2023, a couple of egg devotees kept on buying them anyway because, let’s be honest, eggs aren’t only a guilty pleasure we shouldn’t give up on; they’re also an essential protein in our daily diets.

Top-shelf olive oil

There are some budget-conscious readers who simply cannot stand cheap olive oil, especially the one that comes in a sad bottle. However, they’d rather spend their money on California Olive Ranch, Kirkland Signature Organic, or even Trader Joe’s brand oil.

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