7 Major Appliances That Aren’t Worth the Money

A lot of people buy these kitchen appliances that aren’t worth the money!

It’s expensive to maintain a house that partly runs on major appliances, and it’s been getting even more expensive of late. According to the latest consumer price index reports, prices for major appliances are about 11.60% higher now compared to 2020.

Not only are major appliances costly on their own, but they also drain your wallet over time by way of your utility bills. You want to ease your life, and you wind up making it harder by adding financial burdens.

This being said, here are some kitchen appliances that aren’t worth the money, according to experts!

appliances that aren't worth the money
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1. Beverage refrigerators

Refrigerators made for storing drinks like beer and soda can be convenient and cool—especially in an office or man cave—but they can also cost over a thousand dollars. Moreover, they may not be necessary if there’s already a regular fridge in your house.

If your main refrigerator has enough room for the drinks your family consumes, you can easily store all of them there. In cases like this, beverage fridges are more like appliances that aren’t worth the money.

If your fridge doesn’t seem to have enough room for that, you can always store shelf-stable bottles and cans elsewhere, then move them to the refrigerator when you’re planning to drink them soon. And for the occasions you need a lot of drinks for a party, fill a cooler or two with bags of ice and store extra beverages in there.

2. Ice Makers

Standalone ice makers can cost thousands of dollars, an amount that seems ridiculous when you know you can easily get a refrigerator that has ice-making abilities. But surely there’s an avid market for these machines. According to experts, these appliances aren’t worth the money in most cases.

wine refrigerator
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3. Wine refrigerators

Not only are there fridges made especially for soft beverages and other drinks, but there are also refrigerators made specifically to keep wine chilled at just the right temperature. But is it worth it to spend your money on a machine like this?

According to experts, unless you’re a wine enthusiast with expensive bottles that need to be stored in a safe place for the long haul, you most likely don’t need a wine fridge.

These kitchen appliances that aren’t worth the money can also use as much power as a regular refrigerator, which could automatically mean a significant increase in your monthly power bills. What you should instead do is keep bottles in a cool, dark place that gets very little change in temperature or humidity. Chilled wines can cool off in your refrigerator for a few hours to a few days before serving.

4. Standalone deep freezers

If you’re usually buying foods in bulk, it may make sense to get a standalone deep freezer. The question is, do you really need a second freezer? It’s important to seriously think about it before purchasing one that can cost you anywhere from $500 up to $1,100 or so.

Standalone deep freezers are appliances that aren’t worth the money when it comes to those whose fridges already have a freezer compartment with enough space. Alternatives include maximizing your existing freezer space by decluttering and organizing or considering smaller, more compact freezer versions like vacuum-sealed storage bags or freezer baskets.

Read on to discover other major appliances that aren’t worth the money!

5. Central vacuum cleaners

We agree that built-in vacuum cleaners can look spiffy in homes, but it’s difficult to overlook the amount you need to spend to install and maintain them. As one of the major appliances that aren’t worth the money, they also take up considerable space and require special tools for hard-to-reach areas.

This being said, handheld vacuums are generally much better suited to smaller spaces and can end up being more cost-effective over time. If you’re interested in getting one, here are plenty of affordable options!

pizza oven
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6. Pizza ovens

Pizza ovens are also on the list of major appliances that aren’t worth the money. These machines have become super popular in the past few years, and we agree that they can be great and cool. However, the fact that they’re usually pretty expensive should deter those looking to make smart purchases.

While electric pizza ovens are great for cooking specialty pizzas, that’s basically the only benefit they offer, experts say. Moreover, they are hard to store efficiently and require significant counter space.

7. Portable dishwashers

Another standalone machine that requires extra space and may not be as effective or efficient as built-in appliances is the portable dishwasher.

According to experts, if you have the option, installing a built-in dishwasher is a better and more cost-effective decision. Alternatively, consider washing dishes the classic way—by hand—or using a compact countertop dishwasher, which is often more space-saving and energy-efficient.

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