Newly Expensive Products? 5 Things That Will See a Price Increase

Image By Andrii Yalanskyi From Shutterstock

Ever since the pandemic started, we have seen certain products end up getting more and more expensive as days go by. And we’re not talking about the essentials that ended up disappearing for a while because people panic bought everything in sight. Despite all of us seeing the discrepancies in the prices now, we’ve all chalked it up to inflation. Yet, that isn’t the only reason we saw and will see the prices continue to increase.

You have to take into consideration the fact that multiple huge ships have not only blocked shipment routes for months but also that a few have been involved in accidents. Thousands of products have been lost at sea or had to be destroyed due to not being in adequate condition anymore.

Add to that a global scarcity of raw materials (such as plastic) or other components (remember the chip shortage?) and you have massive price increases.

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1 thought on “Newly Expensive Products? 5 Things That Will See a Price Increase”

  1. Maybe people will learn to save instead of trashing. They need to learn there is no shame using things more than once. Or eating leftovers.

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