4 Tips To Re-Decorate Your Living Room with Only Free and Secondhand Finds

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Keep in mind! Free is not actually free

Not always, that is. It seems like you hit the jackpot when you find a post that says you can just go over and get that chest of drawers that will complete your whole living room design for free. Yet, unless you have a big car and a partner, it can end up not being the free item of your dream but rather another expense.

You will have to either pay for someone to help you get it from the person’s house, use an app that specializes in it, or bribe some of your friends with lunch so that they help you out. After all, dragging stuff up the stairs to an apartment, especially if they’re heavy things, is nothing anyone’s particularly excited about.

So even if your friend comes to help you, they will appreciate a treat for all their hard work. Not to mention, you can’t do it too often or they will get annoyed. Like that, free isn’t actually free. So next time you get excited about finding some of these bulky free items as they will be perfect to decorate with, think about them as heavily discounted instead: the gas for the ride will amount to a few tens of dollars by itself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for stuff

You would be surprised just how many things people have lying around that they have no use for. It sounds weird to just ask people for whatever stuff they have lying around, especially if you aren’t close with them, but you don’t actually have to do anything of the sort. It works by just asking on social media!

Theoretically, you have people following you on Instagram or you added them as friends on Facebook, and you know them in some capacity. So you can make use of the people that you know and of the platform that you have. A quick question on stories or as a question on your feed, if you aren’t in any Facebook sales groups, goes a long way.

Who knows? Maybe your great aunt has the exact type of vase you’ve been looking all over town for, and she’s willing to just let you have it instead of it collecting dust in her attic. You never know until you try! And if you succeed, it will forever change the way you re-decorate!

If you’re thinking of moving and selling your things as a garage sale, you should first look to see if you’ve been hoarding a fortune in your basement without even knowing!

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