Non-Perishable Foods? These 6 Have a Long Shelf Life

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Image By Susan E Sawyer From Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered what foods you can keep without fearing they are highly perishable?

There are lots of foods and ingredients that we are all tempted to keep longer than we need and even ignore the “best by” date on the packaging, but are they all non-perishable? Some we keep there because we learned this from older members of our families, and others we just don’t believe they can go bad!

Yet, time and time again, we end up surprised that some of the items we think have a long shelf life end up going bad, becoming moldy, or just spoiling soon after being opened.

This is because not everything is as it seems. Some of the items are actually non-perishable if kept in the proper conditions, while others just aren’t made to last that much, especially after opening. In order to help you stop playing this guessing game every time you add something new to your refrigerator or cupboards, we have gathered some of the best non-perishable foods out there that you can keep and count on not to go bad!

Let us know what surprised you on this list and what you want to add as a new pantry staple in the comments below!

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